What are the best career options after pursuing community dentistry?

community dentistry

What are the best career options after pursuing community dentistry?

A lot of medical students, after passing the 12th class, sought to pursue a degree in dentistry. You can find any college that suits your needs best, and pursue a bachelor’s degree. Another mainstream option is to choose a master’s degree in dentistry.

However, one may feel stuck after that. Many people are apprehensive regarding their future and career. People feel that the only option that is left for them after pursuing a degree in dentistry is becoming a dentist. Hence, it is not true. There are a plethora of options that you can choose from to build a lucrative career for yourselves in dentistry. Here we are with a long list of options to help you find the one which suits you best.

In case, you have pursued a degree in community dentistry, then you can choose one or many career options given below.

Become a lecturer and teach dentistry-

Yes, becoming a lecturer can be a great option as you have already studied a lot about dentistry, and you are well-versed in various topics. Hence, in order to put this knowledge to the test one can become a lecturer and share your knowledge with other like-minded people. This will not just help you in earning a good income and settling down, but will also help you in gaining new knowledge by interacting with young minds.

Open your very own dental clinic-

In order to put your skills into practice, an ideal option would be to open a clinic. Nonetheless, it is easier said than done. Opening up an office from scratch is a difficult and pain-staking process. You’ll have to look for a place, build an office, buy equipment and furniture, and hire other doctors and staff members to assist. Thus, yes, it requires a lot of investment, but in the end, it would be worth every penny.

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Establish a career in dentistry overseas-

It is true, that in foreign nations, the income and facilities are far better than in India. Hence, you can pursue a career in dentistry outside India as well. However, every nation has certain requirements. It is mentioned below for you to check:

Country Requirement
United States of America Candidates must clear NBDE 1 and 2 exams. Post that, learn DDS, which is mandatory
New Zealand One has to clear the New Zealand Dentists Registration Exam.
Canada The aspirants must clear a series of exams in order to practice dentistry in Canada
Australia In Australia, your eligibility in the dental subject will be checked. This process is conducted by the Australian Dental Council and consists of three stages. If you pass, then you are eligible to apply for a dentist’s license.
Singapore The Singapore Dental Council will approve your dental degree, post which you will be eligible to practice dentistry in Singapore.
UAE You are supposed to get your DOH license approved by Dubai’s Health Authorities.

Get a government job as a dentist-

The government handles various sections and hence, there surely be an opening for dentists in departments like the army dental corps, railways, governmental dental surgeons, and dentists in the Army, Navy or Airforce. There are several government options from which you can choose. You are surely going to get much more benefits in a government job as they provide job security, a good income and pensions as well.

Be a dental blogger-

Being a dental blogger could be an ideal option if you have a love for writing and have pursued dentistry. In this way, you can share your knowledge with millions of others and earn money. Nowadays, blogs aren’t just limited to writing articles and supporting them with pictures. Instead, you can support your articles with videos and audio, now.

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Conduct clinical research-

Change is constant. This means that there will be changes in the already existing knowledge. These changes come through research. Hence, to bring changes in the existing knowledge of dental practices, you can carry out research or be a part of a research team. It is a lucrative job where you can choose from various roles like principal investigator, co-investigator, medical advisor, drug developer, and more.

Organize dental camps-

You can get in touch with various NGOs and organizations, and organize dental camps, which can either be free or paid, as you wish. These camps can help you find new patients and extend your reach, and on the other hand, people will also be benefitted and learn about their dental hygiene.

Clearly, there are many options to choose from after pursuing a dental degree. You just have to choose what attracts you the most. However, all of this is secondary. The primary thing is to get admission to a good dental college. One such college is Mansarovar Dental College situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Mansarovar Dental College has been ranked as one of the best dental colleges in Madhya Pradesh. The college offers professional training and skills that would be perfect for helping you build a career in dentistry.

The community Dentistry department of the Mansarovar Dental College trains students on how to conduct community diagnoses, assess people’s oral health requirements, and plan strategies to organize dental camps and services for people in rural districts and other unprivileged sections of society.

Community dentistry is the perfect bridge between the community and the institution. Besides training students and giving them knowledge, the college’s community dentistry department holds no-cost oral screenings, and treatment camps in various districts, teaches people about oral health and hygiene through their easy-to-understand oral health education modules and counseling sessions on how people can leave tobacco as consuming it, is harmful to oral health.

Their faculty consists of six members, out of which one Dr. Prakash Singh is a lecturer, Dr. Eshani Saxena, and Varsha Sharma are readers, Dr. Dheeraj Patni, Dr. Vijay Chaturvedi, and Dr. Shivangi Tiwari are tutors.

Thus, if you are looking for a college to pursue community dentistry, Mansarovar Dental College can be a good choice.