National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a everlasting Youth Programme below the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. Mansarovar Dental College NSS wing works with the subsequent objectives:

  • To recognize the community wherein they work
  • To recognize themselves when it comes to their community
  • To become aware of the desires and troubles of the community and contain them in trouble solving
  • To develop them-selves a experience of social and civic responsibility
  • To develop the competence required for group –dwelling and sharing responsibilities
  • To advantage abilities in mobilizing community participation
  • To collect management features and democratic attitude
  • To develop potential to conform to emergency scenario like herbal screw ups and
  • To exercise National integration and Harmon

NSS Registration List (BDS) 1st Year

1Harshada sandip khatode17/10/2003harshadasandipkhatode@gmail.com7822880338
2 Moirangthem kheroda devi07/03/2000Kherodadevi246@gmail.com9366215091
3Arshi khan 02/02/2002 Arshiiikhan9029@gmail.com8657342322
4Shalini r gautam27/07/2001Shalinigautam099@gmail.com9619275655
5Dolly amova09/07/2000Dollyamova00@gmail.com7067262358
6Nancy kumari03/05/2004Naincygupta9479@gmail.com9470628844
7Roopali patel20/07/1998Roopalipatel20@gmail.com6269060677
8Shrishti shrivastav13/03/2003Shristi303@gmail.com7974160658
9Mansi khanke14/07/2002Mansikhanke14@gmail.com7385959273
10Amish kumar05/09/2002Amish05062002@gmail.com9162508516
11Khushi prajapati21/07/2003Prajapatikhush009@gmail.com7805859113
12Ayush patil23/03/2004Ayushpatil026@gmail.com9904889101
13Urvashi gajbhiye10/02/2004 Urvashigaj20162gmail.com7024778112
14 Nandini katara28/10/2003Nandininayak2003@gmail.com9301695241
15Raj jain20/05/2002Rajjain202002@gmail.com7820904266
16Atharv desale15/09/2003Atharvdesale111@gmail.com9421880136
18Aryan pundhir03/01/2001Aryan030101@gmail.com9719454315
19Avin sunny24/12/1998avinsnn@gmail.com9602387104
20Devmani sahu03/06/2002Devmanisahu541@gmail.com9301830794
21Aditya puri goswami11/01/2003Ag168817@gmail.com9425959462
22Akansha rai03/02/2004akansharaidps@gmail.com8226015350
23Bikash chhatui01/06/1998bchhatui@gmail.com6296127259
24Janhavi jethwani19/07/2003Janhvijethwani20032gmail.com8652342843
25Krishn deshmukh08/10/2001Kanhadeshmukh5@gmail.com8839485868
26Anisha mishra23/05/2002sysanimonu@gmail.com7974546168
27Khushi buccha14/01/2003Kbjain242@gmail.com9928386466
28Abhishek kumar kushwaha05/01/2002Abhishekkush202@gmail.com7354350728
29Arpita barkhane07/01/
30Krutika prashant aswar13/10/2004krutikaaswar@gmail.com917211679
31Pratiksha mane05/07/2004Pratiksham20042gmail.com9665374073
32Akanksha munde14/06/2002 akankshamunde@gmail.com9131144004
33Devanshi soni22/09/2002Tanujadiya222gmail.com9424576097
35Afreen arif20/06/2003Arifvida77@gmail.com6387792451
36Aditya agrawal 05/08/2004Agrawalhappy7082gmail.com7898583024
37Charul sanjay shukla11/08/2001Charulshukla98@gmail.com9179848170
38Neio chahande03/10/2003Neio.chahande@gmail.com8308362857
39Mahipal singh26/06/ 6232729042
40Aman ray 06/08/2003Amanray176@gmail.com7247624439
41Ashirwad tiwari21/08/2001Ashirwadtiwari1999@gmail.com9785524456
42Shaikh baqar02/05/2003 Baqarshaikh02@gmail.com8530376076
43Shrut shah13/02/2005Shahshrut1302205@gmail.com8320054169
44Vijaya parate04/10/2003Vijayaparate03@gmail.com9372396337
45Sharad gupta17/11/
46Sant kumar lodha05/06/2003Santlodha200@gmail.com7727896030
47Yasmeen ali06/01/2003Yasmeenali6421@gmail.com8641069743
48Rohit jagtap18/08/2004Rohitjagtap0804@gmail.com9322904114
49Mansi singh chaudhary18/09/2002Mansiofk1809@gmail.com7974900754
50Sona vs18/02/2004Sonavs99@gmail.com6265350615
51Soumya sinha21/04/2003saumyadaftuar@gmail.com6264273837
52Subhasini singh06/02/1999Subhasinisingh699@gmail.com7999734322
53mrunal 04/02/2002 Mrunalpatilbds04@gmail.com7499413906
54 Darshan mhaiskar 22/02/2002 Darshanmhaiskar2002@gmail.com7796126976
55Shravani teli 09/11/2003 shravaniateli@gmail.com8846518607
56Poorva bane27/09/2003Poorvasb03@gmail.com9307197503
57 Neha harilal ubale 20/07/2001 Ubaleneha01@gmail.com8591105115
58Mrunal satish tayde09/07/2003Mrunaltayde9@gmail.com7020235505
59Pallavi pandey 28/06/2004pallavipandey@gmail.com7061703376
61Tahmeed kausar17/12/2002tahemidkausar@gmail.com9096704673
62Mubashira fatima14/09/2003Mubashirafatima74309@gmail.com7007860697
63Rifat ali21/05/2004Rifataly6265@gmail.com7879621119
64Shaikh shahenoor19/03/2003Sheikhshahenoor0@gmail.com9833641386
65Yashraj rathore21/10/2001Rathoreyashraj133@gmail.com7803872411
66Shantanu patel 13/19/2002Shantanupatel177@gmail.com6261294078
67Manish patel21/10/2002patelm@2325@gmail.com9399544091
68Tanu prajapat04/06/2005Prajapattanu403@gmail.com8305151094
69Amit acharya15/01/2004Amitacharya921@gmail.com8817023982
70abida 30/06/2001Khanabida487@gmail.com9820983047
71Ayush parashar17/03/2003ayushparashar@gmail.com9770330602
72Ishika chourasia09/03/2002Ishikachourasia912@gmail.com8435908743
73Tasmiya neyazi26/08/2001Tasmiyaneyazi405@gmail.com9155424345
74Swarna tiwari 14/12/2002swarnatiwariji@gmail.com9303519835
75Tanushka rathore22/07/2003Tanushka1722@gmail.com8605658378
76Ritik kumar mishra22/10/1999Rittikmishra2@gmail.com7439734645
77Ankita kumari03/11/2002Ankuankita310@gmail.com7766874972
78Abhay kr singh20/05/2001Abhaywillrock2001@gmail.com6289692933

National Voter's Day 2024

NSS unit of MDC celebrated National Voter’s Day on 25.01.2024 main objective of celebration of this day is to create awareness among staff and students to vote compulsorily. Also to encourage the youth to participate in the vote in the electoral process. It not only encourages the youth to participate in the electoral process but also focuses on the fact that right to vote is a basic right. Know about the national voter’s day history, significance & why it is celebrated in India. Live telecast of honorable Prime Minister’s speech was arranged in auditorium. Students took oath on “ Voter’s Day”.

Venue : Auditorium

Student : 70

Faculty : 25

World Cancer Day 2024

NSS unit of Mansarovar Denal College organized World Cancer Day. Every year world cancer day is celebrated on 4th February. Primary purpose of celebrating world cancer day is to reduce the number of cancer patient by creating awareness. Theme of celebration was close the cause gap. Seminar & Quiz competition was organized.

Venue : Lecture Theatre-1

Student : 45

Faculty : 22

International Day of Elderly Persons

NSS unit of MDC organized an event on “International Day of Elderly Persons”. Mansarovar Dental College's Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge recently marked the International Day of Elderly Persons with a resounding success—a free denture camp that served more than 50 patients. This extraordinary event was complemented by enlightening scientific activities for our students, all made possible by the unwavering cooperation of our students and faculty.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our esteemed Principal, Dr. B Gurudatt Nayak, for his visionary leadership. Special recognition goes to our dedicated staff members, including Dr. Sheeba Sharma, Dr. Syed Mohd Noorani, Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava, Dr. Shubham Jain, Dr. Astha Aeran, Dr. Rashmi Singh, Dr. Harshad Panday, Dr. Shabbir Hasan, Dr. Ambuja, Dr. Ashwin Parashar and our beloved PG's and interns for their invaluable contributions to the event's success. This celebration turned out to be a testament to compassion and excellence in dentistry.

Venue : Old Age Home, Prostho. Department & Lab Mansarovar Dental College

Student : 40

Faculty : 10

MDC Blood Donation Camp

Mansarovar group of institutions, Bhopal organized a blood donation camp at the Kolar Road campus on 30th May 2023 for thalassemia child patients. This camp was organized in collaboration with A.B.V.P. In which more than 370 units of blood were collected. All faculty members, Indian army officers, ABVP volunteers, other staff, and students participated in this program.

Kargil Vijay Diwas

26th July 2023, the day was celebrated to observe India’s victory over Pakistan in the Kargil war for ousting Pakistani forces from their occupied position on the mountain tops of northern Kargil district in Ladakh in 1999. All the students and staff gathered for the occasion and took oath on 26th July 2023, to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives to protect our country.

Plantation in memory of martyrs

On 26th July, saplings were planted by the NSS volunteers of Mansarovar dental college, Bhopal for the protection of the environment in the college premises in memory of martyrs.

PHD Camp

A team of skilled dentists led by Dr. Ashwini Parashar, and support staff from Mansarovar dental college organized a free dental check-up camp at Apna Ghar Ashram (orphanage) sec-c, Indrapuri, Bhopal on 12/06/2023. More than 50 patients were screened. This camp was aimed to provide accessible and affordable dental services to those who are unable to afford regular dental care.

Oral Hygiene Day 2023

The global burden of disease study of 2017 conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that around 3.5 billion people across the globe suffer from oral diseases. However, one will be amazed to know that most oral health conditions including tooth decay, gum diseases and even oral cancers can be prevented by simply maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Thus every year, 1st August is observed as Oral Hygiene Day world wide. Also, it is the day when we commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. G. B. Shankwalkar, one of the legendary pioneers in the field of Periodontology.

To celebrate this day and to spread awareness among people about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene, an event was organised in the Department of Periodontology under the guidance of Dr. Gurudutt Nayak, Dean and Head, Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics along with Dr. Himanshu Khashu, Prof. and Head, Dr. Richa Agrawal, Dr. Ajay Chouksey, Dr. Manoj Tiwari, Dr. Shreya Sharma, among others, organized the Oral Hygiene Day. The theme for the program was oral hygiene instructions to patients, myths surrounding periodontal instruments, and dos & don'ts for oral hygiene.

The theme focused on conveying to the public the importance of dental health at all stages, to urge people to practice good oral hygiene, and to educate them on how to preserve dental tissues.

Activites included videography competition, Best smile competition, poster making, plaster model making, and rangoli competition for the students, interns, and postgraduates. The students showed an overwhelming response.The ceremony ended with the distribution of certificates and gifts to the winners as a token of appreciation.

World Aids Day
Blood Donation Camp
Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
Road Safety & Traffic Rules