Extension and Outreach activities

Regular extension and outreach activities are conducted by the institution rendering quality oral health service to the needy and deprived communities. In this context, peripheral centres are opened in Gadia (Sehore) and Katara Hills where preventive and basic oral health services are given. Referrals are made to college for any specialised oral health care. Two schools are adopted New Indra Gandhi Convent School and Tilak Convent School. Regular school oral health programmes are conducted in various schools providing incremental care to all students along with the blanket referral. Oral health promotion activities are stressed. Various School Heads have issued appreciation letters for the dental camps conducted over the last five years. Rural Oral Health check- up and Screening Camps are also held by the institute in Housing Societies. Housing Society Heads have presented letters of appreciation for organising Oral Health Check-up Camps during the last five years. The institute has actively collaborated with several NGOs like Rotary and Lions club for the conduction of several outreach programmes in both rural and urban slums. Education programs on Disease Prevention/Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health and Basic Education and Literacy are given by Interns in such camps along with oral health awareness. Public health dentistry regularly organizes various important days like Oral Health day, Oral Hygiene day, No Tobacco day, Tooth brushing day, World AIDS day, and Immunization programs. Personal day, World Cancer day etc.