Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Mansarovar Dental College draws on the talents and experience of excellent instructors, staff, and students who are up-skilled in every discipline of training in personal, academic and professional life. All the stakeholders are dedicated to establishing an institution noted for its quality and integrity, academics with advanced technology, research and innovation and clinical application.

Thus, promoting better education and equipping the emerging dental surgeons with unrivalled clinical skillsenabling them to practice the humanitarian aspect of the noble profession and satisfy the demands of patients and society at large.

Our vision

Mansarovar Dental Collegeadheres to the core values of moral conduct, novelty and selfless service for the betterment of humankind. It is a centre par excellence where high-quality dental education and public health intersect. The college is dedicated to bridging the gap between basic sciences and clinicals with compassion, ethos and enrichment.

The college offers a conducive learning environment to empower, encourage and enlightenthe students to have a strong academic record, allowing them to treat a wide range of dental health problems with ease, comfort, and confidence while providing quality in patient treatment at an affordable cost.Our students turn out to be more than just professionals.By ingraining ethical behaviour as part of the learning endeavour for life, they symbolise foundations of strength such as empathy, responsibility, accountability, and equity.

Core Values

1. Exceptional Service

Achieving excellence by adhering to high standards of evidence -based dentistry and clinical judgement.

2. Honesty and Trust

Be trustworthy and uphold the professional and institutional values, ethical principles and standards.

3. Compassion

Help those who cannot help themselves selflessly for the ultimate service for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

4. Caring

Serve people in need and work to address their concerns.

5. Respect

Be respectful of every person and be mindful of cultural and ethnic diversity

6. Lifelong learning

Practice within areas of competence, continuously developing professional understanding, expertise and contribute to the knowledge of the profession.

7. Responsibilities

Serving our communities with empathy, humility, veracity and honour that brace our profession.