Student Council

A fully functional student council aims to promotion of student welfare and personality development. The student council is elected every year with enthusiastic and dynamic office bearers. The council strives to achieve greater academic standards with the help of teachers and administrative staff. It assists in the maintenance and improvement of the institution’s academic environment. The council mainly works to provide input to officials on academic and other student- related concerns in order to bring about necessary changes and improvements for academic growth. The student council members help in efficiently carrying out teaching, co-curricular, and extra- curricular activities and programmes for the student’s overall development and foster a sense of secularism and national unity among the University's students.

Institutional Student Council Committee

Members Present :

1. Mr. Saksham Yadav – President

2. Dr. Ashish Khandelwal – Vice President-

3. Miss. Varun Soni - Treasure

4. Dr. Sincy Kurian - General Secretary – Student

5. Miss. Kaveri Suresh - Cultural Secretary – Student-

6. Mr. Mohd Quisar – Sports Secretary – Student

7. Dr. S. Prabhu – Student Welfare Officer – SWO

8. Dr. Amita Gupta - Special Invitees