Skills Required to be a Top Notch Dentist

Skills for a dentist

Skills Required to be a Top Notch Dentist

Dentists are physicians who diagnose ailments related to teeth and mouth. Moreover, they provide optimum treatment to patients for their pain. The only physicians to not pursue MBBS, dentistry students pursue a stand-alone degree, known as Bachelors in Dental Surgery (BDS). Along with performing critical surgeries, orthodontic procedures, and life-saving treatments, they also offer regular cleanups, scaling, and guidance on maintaining general hygiene for teeth.

The study of dentistry is different from the other medical professionals. To become a doctor, you need to have a basic understanding of the entire human body, which is usually covered in MBBS. But dentists don't study anatomy extensively. That's why they have a stand-alone degree.

What does it take to be a renowned dentist? Well, there are many bases which you must cover. Of course, excellent bedside manners and an amiable personality are the top things that come to mind, but there's so much more that needs to be covered.

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Professional Duties of a Dentist

  • Provide general care/assistance and guidance to patients regarding their dental well-being.
  • Provide basic services like scaling and cleaning teeth.
  • Counsel on varying elective procedures such as teeth replacement and root canal.
  • Diagnose mouth ailments and provide the best course for relief.
  • Recommend special treatments to those in need.
  • Create crown models and all phases of replacements to deal with irreversible dental damage.
  • Protect teeth through whitening treatments and other procedures.
  • Study X-rays and other health-related graphs and stats.
  • Provide early diagnosis of teeth decay and other tooth-related ailments.
  • Diagnose cancer and other life-threatening diseases related to the mouth.

Qualifications of a Dentist

  • A medical degree in dentistry from an accredited university.
  • A nationally authorized license to practice dentistry.
  • Continual upgradations through up-and-coming courses and seminars.
  • Well-versed knowledge pertaining to legal laws and regulars binding the discipline of medicine.
  • Professional endorsements from colleagues and veterans of the industry.
  • Proven knowledge of the procedures of the profession.
  • Experience in detailed work and the ability to multitask.
  • Upscaling with a master's after BDS, known as MDS.

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10 Top-Notch Skills Required to Become a Dentist

Dexterity : -

Dentistry is the craft of performing minute operations and fittings in very limited space. From installations to restorations, the work needs deep knowledge, an understanding of physics, and the artistry of performance. It takes a lot of dexterous skill to install a tooth that can sustain the human activity of talking, eating, sleeping, and resting. This is why dexterity is the top skill that just must be acquired by those interested in becoming a dentist.

Bedside Manners : -

A doctor's behavior towards their patients is essential to their job. Handling personal medical history while not crossing any lines and being as respectful as possible is hard. The entire premise of a doctor-patient relationship is based on trust, which must be earned by the former. Aside from patients, you will also be working with their families, and maintaining a professional and calming relationship with everyone around you is the key to your career as a dentist.

Attention to detail : -

Dentists must be detail-oriented and need to pay very close attention to the cases. It is critical to be in control of your movements at all times. From mastering inspection to surgery of tiny teeth, it is all meticulous work that must be mastered by the dentist. Being keen and sincere in your service also enables you to deliver quick diagnoses and provide excellent treatment to your patients.

Professional Demeanor : -

Carrying a professional persona is absolutely critical in order to become a successful dentist. One must be competent, reliable, diligent, honest, accountable for their actions, and remain cool and calm under pressure.

Organization Skills : -

Being an organized medical professional is hard. In hospitals, there are sufficient nurses and administration personnel to handle a patient's personal history, charts, medical knowledge, but when it comes to running an independent clinic, the job of organizing falls solely on you. To stay productive and efficient in these settings, you must have excellent organizational skills.

Entrepreneurship : -

90% of dentist majors have to establish an independent practice. Getting a clinic up and running is incredibly hard, as you have to deal with taxes, balance sheets, accounts, administration, and the management of the practice. This is why entrepreneurship must be a skill that you must have. Along with having a business sense, you must also learn to hire and guide assistants/interns.

Networking & Self Promotional Skills : -

One of the prominent downsides of having a clinic is having to acquire clients on your own. One is required to have special skills during cold calls, email marketing, neo-marketing, and networking in your place of business. Although you can outsource marketing, you must be able to reach out to people in your community by yourself and build relationships that can help you retain clients in the long run.

Amiable Nature : -

A nice way to unnerve terrified patients looking for relief from their pain is an important requirement of being a dentist. As they approach the clinic, unsure and hurt, you must be able to calm them down with encouraging words and assuring pats. Soft skills are a premium requirement in any medical profession.

Friendly Behavior to ease Children : -

The kid demographic disproportionately requires a dentist for regular checkups alongside occasionally bracing of the teeth. But it takes a lot for kids to open their mouths and sit in silence for invigilation. Not a lot of professional dentists can control extremely unpredictable kids - which is why a dentist must learn the tips and tricks of controlling the behavior of a child. Through the means of bribery or buttering, you must learn to handle kids during the treatment.

In conclusion

Being a dentist is a challenging but rewarding career choice, and these skills, along with an accredited degree, are key to becoming a successful medical professional in this field. A bachelor’s and master’s in dentistry from leading colleges like Mansarovar Dental College, Bhopal can secure you the best and most sought-after career path.