Top 7 Reasons Claiming The Importance Of Oral Health

Oral Health

Top 7 Reasons Claiming The Importance Of Oral Health

All of us grew up with our parents telling us to brush our teeth twice every day and clean our tongues. With time our lives got busy and it became easier to give our teeth a quick brush before rushing out the door. Over time, these habits can have detrimental effects on our teeth and mouth from losing teeth to even diabetes.

Thankfully, several institutes like Mansarovar Dental today are educating the next batch of students to help us with our teeth. These professionals are taught how to take care of serious dental diseases to minor cosmetic procedures.
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However, before one goes to a dentist and gets their teeth fixed, let us understand why oral care is important and must not be ignored.

Seven Reasons To Look After Oral Health

Tooth Loss : -

One of the biggest results of poor oral hygiene is the loss of teeth. Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons such as gum diseases or overall poor physical health. Over half of tooth loss patients have been found to have never opted for any professional oral care service. Dentists have also found that more than half of the patients who have lost their teeth are due to them having never or occasionally brushed their teeth.

Additionally, other health issues such as diabetes can also lead to tooth loss. Diseases like gingivitis and diabetes sometimes cannot be avoided but can leave devastating effects. It can, however, be managed with proper support from a doctor.
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Prevent Oral Diseases : -

Everyone has experienced a random toothache or swelling of the gums but when has that prompted a visit to the dentist. The root cause of all significant oral and teeth diseases is due to improper oral health care.Cavities are one example of oral disease which occurs when teeth are not brushed properly and food particles are left stuck. These cavities can then spread to other teeth and also heart diseases or strokes down the line. Other diseases like Oral Thrush, a yeast condition of the mouth, and Canker Sores or mouth ulcers are also a result of not taking care of teeth as well. Brushing twice a day with the proper tools and the occasional dentist visit will prevent any such diseases.

Reduce Risk of Cancer and Dementia : -

Oral Cancer, a type of cancer that affects the mouths of patients is a much-dreaded disease. It typically occurs in patients who are aged but can also affect people of all ages. It is painless and can go undetected for years. A qualified dentist, however, can detect the early signs of oral cancer and recommend proper treatment plans. Another side effect of poor oral hygiene is dementia, where the patient suffers memory loss. Experts are finding evidence that when limited dental hygiene increases the bacteria in the mouth which can lead to inflammation and increase the risk of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain that then cause dementia.

Bad Breath : -

Even the best of outfits and shoes can be offset with bad breath. Bad breath can cause a bad first impression and ruin the most important of meetings. This is another aspect of ignoring oral and dental health, bad breath. When people don’t brush and floss regularly, a film or a coating develops over the teeth. If this is left, plaque starts forming which then starts causing bad breath. The tongue is another reason for bad breath because it can trap bacteria. Regularly consuming foods like garlic and onion can also contribute to bad breath. Drinking plenty of water and brushing not just the teeth but also the tongue can in this regard.

Confident Healthy Smile : -

The end goal of why one must understand the importance of oral hygiene in daily life is the confidence it brings about. Everyone has a little bit of insecurity because of gaps in the teeth, cavities or bad breath. In every conversation, people do tend to notice the teeth first which causes others to be more self-conscious. Important meetings can awry as bad teeth can leave a bad first impression. Many oral problems are unavoidable and out of our control like a toothache or dental disease. However, many minor issues can be avoided with regular brushing and a visit to the dentist for not just checkups but treatments like whitening and braces can also be done to give a boost to self-esteem.

Stronger Immune System : -

Good oral hygiene is closely related to a stronger immune system. A healthy mouth is one where that is free from harmful bacteria which means there are less of cavities. Such individuals also have fewer diseases like gum inflammation and a healthier immune system because the immune cells are being directed to other parts of the body to protect against different diseases. The human body produces a limited number of immune cells that must be distributed evenly throughout the body. However, if one is suffering from gingivitis, all immune cells would be directed to the mouth leaving the rest of the body open to attacks.

Gum Diseases : -

Gum diseases like periodontitis are highly damaging to the human body. Not only can one suffer from potential tooth loss but one also can suffer from heart and lung diseases. Periodontitis is, importantly, preventable with regular but thorough teeth care. Gum infections and diseases typically arise because of stuck food and bacteria between the teeth. The bacteria stay behind that can also develop plaque or tartar later on. The best bet to avoid these is to brush properly making sure to get in between the teeth. Finish up by flossing as well to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Tips To Take Care of Teeth

World Oral Health Day might have already passed by but every day that we have healthy strong teeth must be celebrated. To get started, stated below are some tips to get started on a solid mouth hygiene routine.

  • Brush twice a day even at night before going to bed.
  • Take time to properly brush using the right pressure.
  • Clean the tongue to avoid plaque buildup.
  • Do not use fancy toothpaste, a basic fluoride toothpaste works best.
  • Flossing once a day is just as important as brushing.
  • Limit foods high in sugar and acids. Eat more crunchy fruits.
  • Visit the dentist at least twice a year for checkups.

Having a good oral hygiene routine is hard but essential. From tooth loss and gum infections to even oral cancer, there are many things that can happen from ignoring our mouths. Taking a few minutes twice a day can bring about many benefits in the future.