MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: A Detailed Course Overview

MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge


In a country of millions of people, there is a need for good medical professionals and services. Dental care is an area many people do not pay much attention to. Either due to fear or lack of education. Good teeth and oral health care need to be taught by trained professionals. Who would do that? Individuals from dental colleges like Mansarovar Dental College. These are trained individuals who earn BDS and MDS degrees in a range of specialisations. One of these unique specialisations is MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge What is the degree about? What does it entail? Let us find out more.

What is the MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge?

After completing a bachelor of dental science or BDS, individuals are eligible to work or enrol on a master's degree. The master's degree version of BDS is MDS or Master of Dental Science. At this level, students are allowed to choose a specialisation. MDS colleges offer concentrations like Periodontics, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Orthodontics, Dentofacial Orthopaedics etc. One of the more popular choices here is Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge.

Prosthodontics and crown and bridge courses in India, taught over the three years are about how to do prosthetics and implants. This is generally quite an intensive procedure where teeth are extracted and a crown or implant is put in. Generally, the syllabus not only covers how to do the procedures but also to diagnose diseases, rehabilitation and be aware of all oral defects.

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MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: Eligibility Criteria and admissions

The minimum eligibility criteria that the best MDS colleges in India ask for is a BDS degree. The said degree should have been earned from a university recognized by the dental council of India. Along with a minimum of 50% aggregate score, one should also have the NEET MDS score. This is a national-level written test where one must attain a qualifying score.

Besides NEET MDS, there are also state-level and university-level entrance examinations. Colleges and universities will thereafter hold a round of counselling. Students will submit the necessary documents and then take admission to the MDS course.

MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: Scope

Most MDS doctors will continue working with their MDS degrees. There are, however, higher education degrees and also shorter term courses of different related concentrations as well. The PhD degree will enable candidates to work in research and development and also work in academics as professors. Candidates with higher education degrees can also pursue fellowships. The scope for MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge students also extends to foreign countries. Internationally, MDS graduates can carve out a career if they attempt written examinations and earn the license too.

MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: Jobs

When talking about any course, it is important to also discuss the jobs one could work in with that degree. Most people think that an MDS degree holder can only work as a dentist. However, that is not true. MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge students can work in several roles. Some of these profiles have been elaborated on below along with the average MDS Prosthodontics salary for the role.

Dental Surgeon:

Dental Surgeons are dental professionals who exclusively conduct surgeries on their patients. They handle both minor surgeries like removing teeth and placing implants to more complicated ones like removing tumours from the mouth. Dental surgeons also know about anaesthesia and take care of infections in and around the mouth. Certain dental surgeons also specialise in cosmetic aesthetic procedures such as chin and cheek enhancements. The work of a dental surgeon is not done alone. Often they have to collaborate with other dentists and orthodontists to fully formulate a treatment plan. One of the more highly paid roles in dentistry, the average salary for this role is INR 10,08,859 LPA.

Dental Assistant:

Another fixture at the department of prosthodontics is a Dental Assistant. Although a more entry-level post is meant for candidates with fewer qualifications, MDS students might need to take up this profile when starting work initially. Dental Assistants are profiles meant for candidates during their training or internship period. These assistants work under an experienced dentist. They will set up the equipment for treatment, and prepare the examination table to help clean up and sanitise, the range of duties for the dental assistant is quite wide. Other administrative duties like calling up patients, arranging appointments, and ordering supplies are also the responsibility of the dental assistant. On average, dental assistants earn around INR 2,30,000 LPA.

Medical Representative:

Medical representatives are, per the name, hired to represent certain companies. Here, their primary duty is to widen their reach and help sell the company’s products and services more. This is more of a sales profile for which one needs strong communication and persuasion skills. Medical representatives target hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals and they convince them to carry their products. MDS students are perfect for this role as they have the technical knowledge and the kind of products needed for different treatments. Medical Representatives earn around INR 2,80,000 LPA.

Oral Pathologist:

All modern practice in crown and bridge prosthodontics require an Oral Pathologist. Pathology is the study of oral diseases of the mouth and jaw. In particular, the oral pathologist is concerned with the cause, identification, treatment and rehabilitation of the said disease. Some conditions oral pathologists deal with are the cancer of the mouth, sores, bad breath, infections, herpes of the mouth etc. They are trained professionals who can diagnose and also treat said diseases. Oral pathologists can also be dentists but all dentists are not pathologists as this is a specialised branch of dentistry. Irrespective of experience, most oral pathologists earn around INR 23,57,619 LPA.

Dental Consultant:

In parts of the country where there is a lack of trained professionals, Dental Consultants are hired. Hospitals and clinics that are facing a lack in a particular area or need services of a specialised professional hire dental consultants. They will perform all the duties a dentist does but from project to project. They will create an efficiency plan for the dental clinic for the hospital and recommend dentist treatments. Additional duties include assisting dentists to perform their duties best. They will ensure the practice will In India, Dental Consultants earn around INR 4,10,000 LPA across the country. On the upper end, this figure can go up to INR 7,00,000 LPA.

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Dental degrees are a popular choice among all medical degrees. After BDS, students work or opt for an MDS degree. As a continuation of the undergraduate degree, individuals usually choose a concentration for this level of education. With the scope to work as a dentist or oral pathologist, MDS degree holders can also continue their education with a PhD. Hopefully, the information written here has been helpful in preparing students for their MDS degrees.