Career Advantages of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Career Advantages of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Willing to pursue a career in dentistry? If so, taking a BDS course might introduce you to a fulfilling profession. Also, you must know about the advantages of conventional BDS career opportunities, especially when India's dental care market is expected to reach $1339 million by 2030.

In light of this, we will discuss several major professional benefits of BDS courses in this blog, and how they can lead you to different advancement prospects within the dentistry field.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery- Course Overview

As a compulsory course for dental aspirants, BDS can prepare you to work at government or private hospitals. Consequently, this degree from Mansarovar Dental College focuses on training and introducing you to the dental sciences and surgeries.

By including the NEET entrance in its Bachelor of Dental Surgery eligibility criteria, the Mansarovar Dental College ensures that you can coordinate, and get comprehensive information from its 5-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme.

Course Highlights

To know some key highlights of the BDS course at Mansarovar Dental College, please refer to the below table:

Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Duration 4 + 1-year internship
Availability of Seats 100 seats
Eligibility Criteria *10+2 with 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, the SC/ST category candidates of the Madhya Pradesh Domicile are open to a 10% relaxation.
*Attain 17 years on or before 31st December of the admission year.
* Must be NEET qualified.

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Career Options

On earning a BDS course, you will be open to exploring multiple avenues. Be it in terms of exploring study options, and job choices, you can refer to the following points:

Job Options

Following your Bachelor of Dental Surgery requirements, and completing the degree will prepare you for the following roles-

  • Medical Writer.
  • Dental Surgeon.
  • Dental Health Consultant.
  • Oral Pathologist.

Further Education

Your road to an MDS degree and dental specialisations will start with a BDS course. The oral, jaw, dental, and other face areas are often the focus of this 3-year curriculum. You'll be more equipped for multiple prospects with this degree.

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Career Benefits of a Dental Surgery Bachelor's Degree

Whether you're trying to find an answer to the question "Is there scope for dental surgeon?” or are seeking any career benefits, the BDS job profiles open up multiple possibilities. And, such job profiles will typically serve several industries. Below are some important advantages of BDS career chances for your reference:

In-Demand Profession

Because of constant growth in the dental industry, it can offer you highly sought-after jobs globally. Furthermore, career after BDS degrees will always require you to practise dentistry. Mostly, this persistent demand typo can give you a steady career path, particularly when the Indian oral care market might witness a CAGR of 9.2% from 2022 to 2030.


Lucrative Remuneration

You can have a financially fulfilling career as a dentist. Additionally, patients may be more eager to spend money on high-quality dental care as they become more aware of how important their oral health is. Because of this, the opportunities after BDS can offer you a substantial compensation package, and enable you to live well while following your interests.

Versatility and Flexibility

You will have many employment alternatives if you hold a BDS. Besides working for yourself, you can start your private practice or work at government clinics, hospitals, and dentistry schools. Additionally, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance, and benefit from schedule flexibility with this degree.

Job Security

Even in recessionary times, the jobs for BDS graduates will still exist. This is because people can cut back on some discretionary costs in tough times, but dental care is still necessary. Your peace of mind is further enhanced and your professional stability is improved by this high level of job security.

Holistic Patient Care

Obtaining a BDS will enable you to significantly contribute to the promotion of general well-being. Furthermore, the BDS degree duration will address multiple systemic illnesses, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease– all of which have a strong connection to oral health. You can further give patients holistic care, and directly improve their lives following your BDS studies.

Continuous Learning and Skills Development

As technology and procedures progress, you will find that the discipline of dentistry is always changing. To assist you stay updated with the latest advancements, a BDS course thus provides a strong foundation. In addition, the after BDS career options will permit you to advance your career by providing opportunities for lifelong learning and skill development.

Prospects for Specialisation

You can pursue numerous specialisations through post-graduate studies after earning a BDS. Periodontics, Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics, and Dentofacial Orthopaedics are a few of those possibilities. Mostly, you can improve both your income potential and career prospects by concentrating on a particular field of dentistry.

Impactful Work

You can have a rare chance to make a difference in people's lives if you earn a BDS Degree. Also, this degree can immediately enhance your patients' overall quality of life by reducing dental discomfort, brightening smiles, and promoting oral health. Seeing patients' appreciation and increased self-assurance will further be quite rewarding and reaffirm your enthusiasm for your work.

Intellectual Stimulation

You already know that dentistry involves more than just doing regular treatments; it also requires the ability to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions. Thus, the details of BDS course can assist you in comprehending how each patient is different and requires analysis, treatment planning, and problem-solving. Your patients' engagement and motivation to succeed can be sustained with this intellectual stimulation.

Global Opportunities

You can operate globally with BDS training since it holds worldwide value. Typically, you will have 2 options: go to different countries to practise dentistry, or join an international group. Additionally, the information and skills you've acquired throughout your degree can assist you in broadening your professional horizons and exploring diverse BDS career opportunities.

Concluding Thoughts

By now, you should have a better understanding of how a BDS education can lead to a happy and successful profession. Additionally, BDS career opportunities require the necessary skills to succeed in a dynamic and in-demand profession, regardless of your preference for working in a different setting or running your clinic.


1. Is dental surgeon a good career?

Yes, working in dental surgery can offer you a meaningful career. This is because it provides professional development opportunities, and aids in the improvement of oral health.

2. What can I do after bachelors in dental surgery?

You can explore prospects in research, teaching, private practice, or additional studies in specialised fields after earning a bachelor's degree in dental surgery.

3. What determines the salary for BDS career opportunities?

Although the pay for BDS graduates varies according to experience, region, and area of specialisation, the average compensation for BDS career opportunities is competitive and satisfying.

4. Can BDS career opportunities exist in research and academia?

Yes, many BDS holders can explore chances for research and further education. You can usually teach in universities, work in academic dental facilities, or participate in dental research through the BDS career opportunities.