Oral Health Awareness Is The Need Of The Hour

 Oral Health Awareness

Oral Health Awareness Is The Need Of The Hour

The mouth is the main entrance passage to the internal organs of the body. A healthy mouth with clean teeth, healthy gums, and a clean tongue is a sign of a healthy body. Maintaining a healthy body is the need of the hour not only physically or mentally but it is equally important to focus on oral health too. Thus what is entering your mouth needs attention.

What is Oral health?

Oral health is a practice to follow on regular basis in your daily life. A practice of brushing and flossing is to keep one’s mouth clean and disease free. Clean and bacteria-free teeth and healthy gums and tongues are the healthy sign of good oral health. Whether it is children or adults everyone should be aware of dental health.

Why Oral Hygiene Is Important?

Oral hygiene includes brushing and flossing which should be done twice a day; also on regular basis. Brushing and flossing every day is a part of teeth and gum care because it is linked to your overall health. The goal of maintaining oral hygiene is to be free from plaque, gum infections, and tooth decay.

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We will further discuss the reasons why oral hygiene is important.

Prevention of Tooth Loss-

Tooth loss is a common dental problem seen in children as well as adults. There are many reasons which increase the risk of tooth decay. Sugary items or sweets are the primary cause of the beginning of cavities which leads to tooth decay. Hence, it is quite seen in children as they love to have sweets.

Poor oral hygiene leads to build-up plague, swelling, or bleeding of gums which leads to tooth loss in the future. Regular brushing and flossing may help you to lower the risk but you should consult your dental professional once a year.

About Overall Health-

Mouth is the main entrance of the body thus it is a reflection of our health too. That means the mouth is a system that detects the early symptoms of the disease which are developing in our organic systems. Diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and kidney disease occur due to poor oral health, and gum infections (gingivitis).
Research shows that patients who are suffering from periodontal disease can suffer from cardiovascular disease i.e. having a high risk of a heart attack.
Other than these health risks there are a few more health complications that can occur due to poor oral hygiene are respiratory infections, dementia, pregnancy complications, low birth weight, oral cancer.
To prevent these health risks one should must follow oral hygiene i.e. keep your mouth, teeth clean.

Detection of diseases-

Oral health is the primary step to evaluate the health of your body. It gives you a summary of internal body health. By visiting your dentist once a year can aware you about your oral health and overall health too. Dental examination can help you to detect other health complications as soon as possible. Not maintaining oral hygiene, not only effects overall health but it leads to many dental diseases. Poor oral health generates many dental health issues.

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Types of dental diseases


Dental cavities is also known as tooth decay. Everyone experience the tooth cavities once in their life. It is the most common problem seen these days. Cavities happens because of sugar in food items. Bacteria in mouth produces acid because of sugar in food. This acid starts damaging the outer layer of tooth which leads to permanent damage of enamel. Further this acid will start damaging the inner layers and leads to breakdown of tooth and this generates cavities.
Cavities causes holes in tooth, sensitivity, toothaches and pain in gums too, which makes it difficult to chew food or drink hot or cold things.
Bad breath, brown and black spots in teeth also occur due to cavities.
Dental care is essential as regular brushing will help to prevent cavities but if cavities do occur it is best to visit your dental professional for fillings, root canal, also to clean the plague from your teeth.


It is also known as bad breath. Bad breath is one of the most common and distressing oral problems. Bad breath can cause by several reasons. The primary reason is poor oral health. Food items that contain sugar can produce bacteria that lead to bad breath. Food items like onion and garlic are the most common cause of bad breath.

Other factors that cause bad breath are-

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Acid reflux
  • Dry mouth
  • Medication
  • Poor digestion
  • Cancer
  • Cleaning your tongue twice a day is important after brushing your teeth to avoid bad breath. Practicing healthy oral hygiene habits will help you get rid of bad breath and moreover, you can visit the dentist for further consultation.

Gingivitis –

It is the early stage of gum disease. Red swollen gums that bleed easily and frequently are the common symptoms of gum diseases. Difficulty in chewing or having bad breath is another sign of gingivitis. It is a bacterial infection that is caused by a plague in the mouth.

Poor oral health includes skipping brushing or bad techniques of brushing teeth, smoking, using tobacco, pregnancy factors and diabetes are the main reasons of building up a gum disease.

If gingivitis is not treated then it will become more severe and leads to PERIODONTITIS. In this case, the gums gets shrinks and damaged, one can lose the permanent teeth, have bad breath and unpleasant taste in mouth. To prevent gum disease cleaning of tongue and massage on gums is essential.

If the gingivitis become severe it is better to visit your dentist for the treatment.

Erosion of enamel-

Enamel is the most outer layer of tooth which slowly gets damaged by consumption of sugar, soda, drinks, sweets and acidic food items. Erosion of enamel is a very slow process of damage which leaves your teeth colorless and weak.

Teeth which loose the enamel can easily have more chances of cracks or broken tooth.

Enamel cannot be restored but can be prevent by cutting down sugary food items and practicing proper oral hygiene.

Brushing too hard and too long can also cause damage to enamel. To prevent this you can use soft bristles toothbrush and brush softly.

Good oral hygiene is connected to your health. A healthy mouth indicates healthy body which prevents you from many diseases. It is pivotal to aware everyone of oral health care.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach the importance of oral health in early childhood. Children should learn to brush properly including tongue cleaning and massaging of gums. Parents should take care about the food which their children are eating. Avoid sweet food items or drinks as much as you can. Brushing twice a day is very essential for children to prevent cavities and gum problems.

Awareness of oral hygiene and practising it is the only way to prevent many health problems.

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