How To Choose The Right Dentist For You?

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How To Choose The Right Dentist For You?

Keeping care of oral health is as important as other body parts. Many people don’t take it seriously. Dental problems can cause severe oral health issues such as cavities, sensitivity, germ problems, bleeding, and more. To deal with all such oral issues, you need to choose the best dentist for your oral health-related issues. Well, you have the right to choose dentists at your convenience but you can’t afford to compromise with your oral hygiene and health.

In India, oral health is now gaining more concern as many noted universities and dental colleges like AIIMS, Maulana Azad Dental College, and Mansarovar Dental College produce more talented and experienced dental professionals to serve the nation. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and MDS (Masters of Dental Surgery) are vital dentistry courses that allow a person to become a professional dentist.

As a patient, you should choose the best and most effective dentist who can cure your problem. Here are some tips for you, through which you can pick the right dental surgeon for yourself. But before proceeding ahead, it is important to know the importance of choosing the ideal dentist.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Dentist?

hoosing an ideal dental professional is extremely important for dental patients. Chances are one would be heading to the same dentist for years to come. It is essential to find a medical professional with the right degree, qualifications and experience. There are different types of dentists in the medical sector and these varied types of dentists deal with different types of dental issues.

If one wishes to have strong and healthy teeth for the long term, one must pay attention to the dentist they are heading to. Do not just head to the neighbourhood dental clinic because it is convenient. Take the time to research and find a dentist that can make their patients comfortable. Also, keep in mind that good dentists can detect issues before they even occur. So how does one go about choosing the perfect dentist for them? Let us find out how.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Dentist

Looking for a dentist is hard and takes time. Going to random dental clinics every time there is a tooth issue will do more harm than good. The requirements or needs of a dentist will vary from patient to patient. To aid in the search process for dentists, refer to the following tips.

Basic search

To start, one can do a basic search on any browser for the best dentists near them. This will show up a list of all the top-rated dentists nearby. From there, one can start doing research on each dentist and filtering out the options. Be sure to keep a list of non-negotiables that are necessary for the dentist to have. For instance, good reviews, gender of the dentist, price, distance from home etc. Additionally, keep in mind not every dentist clinic will provide services for all dental problems and treatment.


Most people always prefer to ask their friends, family or colleagues for dentist recommendations. There is always the chance that the sibling’s or best friend’s preferred dentist could be the end choice. Referrals are reliable as people close to us would be honest about their experience making the process of choosing easy. The neighbourhood pharmacist might also know some dentists. When shifting towns or cities, asking the regular dentist is also a good idea.

Check Dentist Background

By now one should have a list of dentists that could be the one for them. However, there are many factors to look into. For instance, the credentials of dentists. Does the dentist have the right degree like a bachelor of dental surgery course? The right credentials or qualifications would mean that the dentist has been trained and has the right skills and experience to handle patients. Pay attention to any malpractice by the dentist. This information can be easily looked up on a professional social media website.

Dentist Reviews

While it is not advised to look into or pay much attention to online reviews, as they can be easily manipulated, it is a good idea to start with when looking at dentists. Start with a trusted platform that hosts dentist offices and allows people to leave reviews. Most reviews will state the patient’s past experiences like wait time, communication with the dentist, environment and the front desk staff behaviour. These are all major points that can make or break a visit to an already nerve-wracking dentist visit. With the positive reviews also read through the negative reviews and understand what went wrong with them.

Ask for costs

Dental treatments and procedures can be expensive. Not everyone will have money at their disposal to drop off an urgent dental treatment. There are insurance plans that will cover most dental procedures. For this step, it is always a good idea to approach the dentist's office for information. Ask for prices for implants or fillings, as the need is. Many dentist clinics also offer financing or the option to pay off the bill in multiple payments done over months.

Visit the dentist

Do not hesitate to walk into the dentist's office and evaluate the services provided first-hand. Make sure to schedule an appointment. Arrive on time and ask any doubts. It is also a good idea to bring along past dental records so that the dentist can recommend the best treatment. Some things to look into when visiting clinics are: whether the office is clean, how up-to-date the equipment is, is the staff courteous etc.

Keep options open

Finally, keep in mind that it is not necessary to stick to just one dentist. If for any reason one has chosen a dentist but the level of treatment is not up to par, it is always best to switch. It is not worth it to spend money and not get the expected level of treatment and service. There is no need to be loyal to one dentist. One’s health always comes first.

Mistakes made while choosing dentists

There are some common mistakes that most people make when looking for doctors and dentists. People keep making them and they are left wondering why it is so hard to find a good dentist. Keeping these mistakes in mind is essential to avoid them.

  • Do not limit yourself to the dentist choices in the neighbourhood. There could be better choices at a distance.
  • As stated before, do not trust online reviews completely. Word-of-mouth reviews and referrals are always a good idea.
  • Pay attention to the technology used by the dentist. The quality of treatments is directly correlated to the tools used by the dentist.
  • Dentists who offer discounts or low prices are not a good idea. This means the dentist will be cutting corners and not giving the optimum treatment.
  • Have conversations with the dentist. Ask questions to the staff.

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Indeed, finding an ideal dentist for your dental needs is somewhere difficult but not impossible. You just need to be cautious while looking for a qualified dentist. Your every dental problem deserves better treatment and the best medical help.